Sorry, website and discord are down until further notice.

Thanks to all those who enjoyed the game for the week we all had it publicly. The discord server has been shutdown (not by us), and all shared public servers and download links have been removed until further notice from this website.

New Discord: Official LithArchive Discord
Discord link Updated to never expire! Sorry about that

A few suggestions while I'm here

  • Don't create Reddit pages to share servers

  • Don't create discords to share servers

  • Don't host your own download links

  • Don't make videos

  • Don't attack any company involved with the official game

  • YouTube videos are being DMCA'd for any sort of modding, hacking, or anything pertaining to this project or any modification/hacking of the original game. Private your videos if you have this kind of content.

Doing anything above will cause more harm than good. Let the staff handle it. Thank you.

-- LithArchive Staff